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Transportation Leader's Network
Presented by Dr. Christina Dinklocker
Thursday, June 6, 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Summit ESC
Room 16
Do you supervise your district’s student transportation system? Get together quarterly for an informational update and to share topics of mutual interest. Together we are better!
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School district transportation leaders

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2 contact hours Contact Hours
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5 - 20 people
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Dr. Tina Dinklocker
(330) 945-5600 x513925

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3/21/2019 William Andexler Coordinator Akron Public Schools Pre-Registered
3/25/2019 Karyn Campbell Transportation Supervisor Lake Co BDD Pre-Registered
3/26/2019 Christina Dinklocker Leadership Services Summit ESC Pre-Registered
3/27/2019 Ryan Dunn Director of Transportation Boardman Local School District Pre-Registered
3/27/2019 Shanna Cable Director of Transportation Green Local Schools Pre-Registered
3/27/2019 Adam House Transportation Supervisor TWINSBURG CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Pre-Registered
3/28/2019 Erica Forman General Manager Nordonia Hills/Petermann Bus, LLC Pre-Registered
3/28/2019 Tracy Abbott Transportation Twinsburg Pre-Registered
3/28/2019 Tim Fox Transportation Field Local Schools Pre-Registered
4/2/2019 Debra Lipford Transportation Field Local Schools Pre-Registered
4/16/2019 Suzanne Steinhoff Transportation Director Berkshire Local Schools Pre-Registered
4/16/2019 Robin Ferguson Transportation Supervisor Waterloo Pre-Registered
4/16/2019 Jeanie Knapp Transportation Supervisor Ravenna Local Schools Pre-Registered
4/16/2019 Suzanne Steinhoff Transportation Manager Berkshire Pre-Registered
4/16/2019 Lynn Hollingsworth Transportation Grand Valley Pre-Registered
4/16/2019 Sharon Dove Transportation Supervisor Crestwood Pre-Registered

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