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SST8 Leading and Implementing Co-Plan and Co-Serve Model Series
Presented by Tracy Mail (SST8), Dee Dee Howes (SST8), and Matt Young (Summit ESC)
February 27, 28, and March 20, 2019
9:00 am-3:00 pm
State Support Team Region 8
Various Rooms

Rooms for Each Date

February 27, 2019
Event Center
February 28, 2019
Event Center
March 20, 2019
Room 18
March 20, 2019
Room 17
March 20, 2019
Room 19
March 20, 2019
Event Center
• The primary outcome of this series is to build capacity at the leadership and lead-teacher team levels to implement an effective, sustainable co-plan/co-serve model as part of the LRE continuum of service delivery models.
• Sessions will include consideration of Universal Design for Learning Principles
• Teams will learn, through both the administrative and teacher lenses, how to co-plan, co-instruct, and co-assess considering 8 Components of Co-teaching (what does it look like and sound like when implemented effectively)
• Possible follow-up with districts as determined through a collaboratively created action plan as a result of this training series.
The team will determine ways to measure the effectiveness of 1) the co-teaching teams 2) student progress/achievement attributable to this service delivery model, and 3) the effectiveness of leadership laying the foundation and supporting co-teaching efforts at a building/district level.
As a result of this Series, a SST8 Regional Network of districts/buildings will be created to continue problem-solving, share effective practices, build a regional bank of exemplary team/administrative practices for cross-region collaboration, expand service delivery discussions beyond co-plan/co-serve (LRE Continuum), and support the co-plan/co-serve model after the series ends.
A team application will encourage a district systemic approach for determining series attendees, but individual buildings will be considered. Requires administrator attendance that is in a position to implement evidence based organizational practices to build a successful co-plan/co-serve effort. Also, select lead-teacher co-teaching teams and instructional coaches are encouraged to attend to contribute to the plan to bring the co-plan/co-serve model to full, effective implementation.
Please register with team application through Maureen Cacioppo at maureenc
@sst8.org or (330) 929-6634 ext. 511219. Questions? Contact Tracy Mail at tracym@sst8.org or Dee Dee Howes at DeeDeeH@sst8.org.

Registration/application form can be downloaded in the file section
For Whom:
District/building administrator(s), instructional coach(es), lead co-teaching teams
Questions or Concerns?
Maureen Cacioppo
(330) 929-6634 x511219